My Pricing

I encourage you to meet with me and see if we can communicate well and build trust. Sometimes personalities don’t align and it is important that you feel comfortable and at ease with your lawyer. You are welcome to bring family members with you or friends if you believe this will provide you with support.
I offer a cheaper rate of $275 per hour inclusive of GST the first time we meet. My standard rate thereafter is $393 per hour exclusive of GST for those who are waged. For the unwaged, I charge $275 per hour inclusive of GST. So you know, the Family Court prescribes a set rate that senior lawyers can charge clients and this is presently $429 per hour for a solicitor admitted for more than 5 years. I was admitted to the Supreme Court in 2001. If you are well organised and have all your questions written down with documents in order, you will spend your time with me more efficiently. I will endeavour to keep you informed of all costs and expected costs for each stage of your matter.